How our Highly Effective Bud Trimming Design works:
  • The weight and gentle friction of the flowers tumbling over and against each other gently breaks the trim off without damaging the flower.  
  • Each flower is 85% to 90% beautifully manicured in less than 5 minutes.  Do not over tumble. Minor hand touch up is recommended.
  • Our variable speed motor allows you to control the speed of the tumbling action, but we recommend full speed through out tumbling for fastest and gentlest results.  
  • There are NO blades, therefore flowers only come in contact with each other and soft MeshNets.
  • Tumbling produces beautiful manicured flowers and clean trim. No industrial oils to contaminate product.
  • Pollen Extraction - Our machines comes with inter-changeable nets that includes a 151 or 110 micron mesh. This converts our machines from a dry trimmer to a pollen extractor.  

Using Tom’s Tumbler

After drying your product and removing large leaves and stems, break down flowers to half dollar size and place recommended product weight in trimmer using the the 1/2" mesh net first. Run the Tumbler for 2-5 minutes, depending on density, strain and dryness. Turn speed control to highest speed for most effective trimming. This will trim your flowers with great efficiency.  

Some smaller flowers will pass through the 1/2" MeshNet with the trim.  Replace the 1/2" mesh net with the 1/4" meshNet and re-run your trim through it.  This will quickly isolate your smaller flower while allowing the trim to fall through.

 An optional 151 micron pollen screen is also available to isolate pollen out of final trim.  At this point you may have approximately ten to fifteen percent of hand touch up work to do, depending on your product. Some strains do not require hand touch up.


The diameter of the drums and width of the MeshNet have been precisely determined to process a certain weights of product.  Using more or less than these amounts is not recommended.

TTT 1600 HandCrank or System: 1/2 lb. Min. to 1 lb. Max. per 3-5 minute cycle.

TTT 1900 System - 1 lb Minimum to 2 lbs Maximum per 3-5 minute cycle.

TTT 2200 System: 2 lbs. Minimum to 4 lbs. Maximum per 3-5 minute cycle.

TTT 2600 System: 4 lbs. Minimum to 6 lbs. Maximum per 3-5 minute cycle.

5 Easy Steps for Preparing, Trimming, Separating and Pollinating with your Tom’s Tumbler


Cut the plant at the base of the stalk and hang upside down from a line or rope until it is dry. If you are in a dry climate, your product will dry quickly, usually within a few days. If you are in a humid climate you should have a humidity-controlled room to achieve dry environment. 


After the plant is dry – water leaves, stems and trim around the flowers become somewhat brittle) pull off the big leaves first, then cut flowers from branches(stems) and place flowers in a plastic bag or container to prevent further moisture loss.  Discard branches and big leaves. 


Buds should have about 5-10% moisture at this point.   The outside trim around the buds should be brittle and should break off easily when rubbed with a finger. If they are flexible and bend, our machine do not work well. Unzip both zippers on MeshNet, open flap and place the recommended amount of product into barrel. (fill 3 to 5 inches level below axle is ideal)  Never put more or less than recommended for best performance.

Turn the speed control to slowly until full speed is achieved.  Trimming will start immediately, as you will see trim passing through the mesh, down through the funnel flow bag into your catch bin. Let tumble for approximately 2 minutes, unzip flap in the MeshNet and check your buds.  Some flower strains are finished in 2 minutes, while others may take 5 minutes. If not finished, zip flap closed and let tumble for a few more minutes. We do not recommend tumbling for more than a total of 5 minutes to preserve flower quality. Of course dryness of flowers may affect time required to tumble.   

Stop and check the buds at any time in the tumbling process to prevent over tumbling; it does not disturb the process. When the amount of trim begins to slow through the mesh and you see pollen begin to pass through the mess, it is absolutely time to stop tumbling. Your product should be about 85% trimmed at this point, with very little loss of pollen.  After you put our trim into another container, put an empty container under the trimmer, unzip the MeshNet flap and turn on the motor slowly until your trimmed product falls into your empty catch bin.  


AGAIN unzip the zipper that easily unzips completely on your MeshNet (only one zipper comes completely apart; the other stays together by design) and gently unroll the MeshNet from the velcro on the drums. Replace this net with the ¼” MeshNet.  Put your trim into this MeshNet, zip it up and tumble on high speed. The trim will flow through the 1/4" MeshNet quickly leaving smaller size flowers in the barrel.  Remove the clean trim from below and put a clean container underneath.  Unzip the flap and slowly turn on the motor rotating MeshNet 1/2 a turn to release your smaller flowers into the clean container. 


Lastly, Replace the ¼” MeshNet with the 110 or 151 micron pollen mesh and put a clean catch basin below the funnel flow bag.  Freeze your final trim and pour it into the barrel with the pollen mesh.  Fill the barrel until it is 4 inches below the axle. If you have a dust cover be sure to put it on the trimmer.  Turn the trimmer on full speed and let it tumble for 20 to 30 minutes or your desired time or until the pollen stops passing through the mesh. The pollen will pass through the pollen screen and through the funnel flow bag into your container.  Gently scrape or brush off dust cover or funnel flow to remove extra pollen that stuck to them. We also recommend placing small chips of dry ice in with trim or using our liquid CO2 adapter kit to directly infuse liquid CO2 into chamber to achieve faster process.