Bladeless Trimmer

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Tom's Tumbler - Bladless Trimmer and Resin Extraction

Tom's Tumbler is a product of TTT Innovations, LLC.  Tom's Tumbler is one of many patented inventions by TTT Innovations President, Thomas Bruggemann.

A long-time grower of many varieties of flowering plants and trees, Tom invented Tom's Tumbler also known as Tom's Tumble Trimmer, a bladeless trimmer, separator, and resin extractor in one machine in 2012 to provide an alternative to costly hand-trimming and bladed metal type machines. 

After retiring from the stunt business, Tom decided to put his new invention online and in no time, Tom's Tumbler grew in popularity among growers in Michigan and the West Coast.

Tom continually improved his machines based on his use and input from customers. Tom enjoys speaking with growers of all sizes and offering tips about all aspects of growing and trimming.  Customer service is second only to offering a great product at a great price.  

In 2016 TTT Innovations was established, our product line was expanded to include commerical models and hydroponic stores across the U.S. began selling Tom's Tumble Trimmer.  In 2017 Tom's Tumbler was picked up by Sunlight Supply, which distributes to more than 2,000 hydroponic stores in the U.S. and Canada.  Contact Tom's or your Sunlight Supply for wholesale orders.

Tom's Tumbler is now sold globally, with wholesale distribution in Great Britian, Mexico, Spain and South America. Products will soon be available in hydroponic stores throughout Europe and Australia. 


Tom Bruggemann, Inventor and President




TTT Innovations, LLC is a success company not only because we carry a great product, but also because we have a great team of people committed to quality and customer service.  In addition to the following people, we are supported by many outstanding contractors and suppliers.

Leslie Clarke, Vice President and Operations Manager

Amy Beal, National Sales Representative

Esme Corral, Shipping Manager

Giovanni Cesar Pesqueria Ruiz, Manufacturing