MeshNets for Tom’s Tumbler™ TTT 1600

Mesh Type

The TTT 1600 Handcrank comes with one 1/2" hole mesh net for tumbling.  This is all you need for a perfect trim.  But if you want to sift or separate your popcorn size nuggets you can order a 1/4" hole mesh add on.  Again, these will last you for years.


It is super simple to change your mesh nets.  They are made with velcro on the edges so they stick to the sides of the barrel and zip closed.  Quick and easy.


If you want to extract kief from your trim, you can also add a Kief net to your TTT 1600.  This is a very simple process.  Simply take off the trimming net, put on the kief net, add your clean trim to the chamber with a little dry ice and turn on.  Let the trim tumble for 20-30 minutes.  You will get a pile of beautiful kief in your bucket.  

  • 1/2" Industrial MeshNet for trimming
  • 1/4" Industrial MeshNet for separating popcorn size from trim
  • 151 Micron Pollen Screen for pollen extraction
  • 110 Micron Pollen Screen for finer pollen extraction
Choose which net you want at checkout.

Keep your zippers clean and lubricated with beeswax or other organic lubricants (aerosol spray cooking oil works fantastically). Wash MeshNets in cold water with detergent. Line dry. Do not dry in a dryer. (Pollen Screen should be wiped down with Alcohol, do machine wash).


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