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novembre 23, 2020

As soon as the trailer door dropped and I saw the Python in person, I knew we had a made the right decision. The quality of manufacturing and components was immediately apparent. The Python was ready to work in a matter of minutes and proved very easy to use. Tom has always been accessible and eager to ensure we are getting maximum productivity from our machine. His service has always been willing and energetic. After a few pounds were run through the machine we were off and running thanks to Tom's initial setup instructions. After a bit of fine tuning we produced 300lbs of trimmed flower in one hour on our first production run. The Python is a tremendous machine. It has continued to meet or exceed the production estimates the Python advertises. I believe the machine is effective, simple and easy to run because it is efficiently engineered. It is comprised of smart, quality components laid out to ensure consistent, long term use. We have been happy to share our experience with farmers all over Southern Oregon, and across the US. The only thing to exceed the productivity expectations of the machine has been Tom's level of service. This is exactly the type of company we want to align ourselves with as we build and grow our business.

Ryan Barr
Exactus One World

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