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maggio 10, 2019

After 30 plus years in the cannabis industry as a grower and cultivator, Tom has continuously developed time-efficient tools to help growers streamline their cultivation process. Tom invented Tom’s Tumbler, the original bladeless trimmer, in 2013 with a gentle and simplified approach to trimming. By avoiding harsh blades, Tom’s Tumblers are able to minimize terpene and trichome loss and maximize your efficiency during the trimming process. Using that same simplistic and bladeless approach, Tom has gone on to develop the first bladeless industrial trim separation machine: The Python.

The Python is a continuous feed trimmer, separator, and extractor that trims over 300 pounds an hour. Using the same gentle trimming technology in Tom’s TTT Series of Tumblers, the Python effectively trims industrial-sized volume without blades. The product is brought into the trimmer by an auger and the trim exits automatically through the other end leaving you with freshly trimmed product. The Python is made of food grade stainless steel with sturdy and durable motors, Co2 Infuser and kief collector. Check out some renderings of the Python and look out for more updates about its release date!


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