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mars 06, 2019

Everyone knows that impulse buying isn’t always the best decision. But there are those few times where an impulse buy has been one of the best purchases you’ve ever made thanks to your intuition. That exact ideology led one of the largest growers in California to make an on the spot purchase of the Generation 2 PYTHON. As Tom continues innovating and improving his one-of-a-kind PYTHON Trimmer, the first two Generations have flown off the market.

One of the most frustrating parts about trimmers on the market is that the blades damage the structure of the flowers. This causes the trichomes and terpenes to fly off and really damages the overall quality. Tom’s PYTHON Trimmer uses the natural tumbling friction to have the buds trim each other without harmful blades. This allows the PYTHON to trim over 300 pounds an hour with near hand-trimmed precision. In fact, at Tom’s last demo, the PYTHON replaced the job of 40 of our toughest competitors’ blade trimming machines and was purchased on the spot. As we await Tom’s newest model of the PYTHON to hit the markets, it’s clear to see that the PYTHON is here to stay. Stay tuned for more updates about Tom’s Tumbler and the PYTHON!



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