Which Trimmer Is Right For Me?

Tom's Tumbler Full Lineup
Finding the right Tom's Tumbler for you depends completely on the volume that you process at a time. All of our trimmers function the same; the difference is in the barrel size. Each barrel is fabricated specifically to our specs to efficiently tumble different product weights.

Trimming Capacity

1-10 pounds at a time - TTT 1600 Handcrank or the TTT 1600 System

      This processes a minimum of ¾lb to a maximum 1lb. per 3-minute cycle.  

      Trim 10 lbs. in about 1 hour. 

      Catch your trim in the clear, removable catch bag. 

10-100 pounds at a time - the TTT 1900 System is for you.

      Trims 1-2 pounds per 3-minute cycle, or 12-15 pounds per hour.

      Trim 100 pounds in 8 hours.

The benefit of this model is the funnel flow bag that lets you catch your trim in your catch bin. 

100-500 pounds at a time - the TTT 2200 System is for you.

      Trims a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 pounds per 3-minute cycle. 

      Trim 24 pounds per hour.

      Trim 200 pounds in an 8-hour day.

500-1000 pounds at a time. - The TTT 2600 Systemis for you!

      Trims a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 lb. per 3-minute cycle.

      Trim 36 pounds per hour.

      Trim 290 pounds in an 8-hour day.   

1000 pounds or more at a time - The PYTHON is for you!

      This new model trims 300 pounds an hour!  

      Trim 2,400 pounds in a day


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