Python Industrial Trimmer

Using Tom’s Tumbler technology, the Python Series can trim from 4,000 to 12,000 pounds per day!

The Python is industrial-size technology with a hand-trimmer's touch.  Designed by a grower, the Python's design has you, the large scale grower in mind.  You need high volumes processed but with a perfect result.  

The Python uses our proven, bladeless tumbling technology that gently trims the sugar leaves from the flower by the friction of the buds tumbling on each other.  As they pass through the netted chamber in less than 5 minutes, the buds get trimmed while retaining their structure trichomes and crystals to produce hand-trimmed quality.  Simply Brilliant.

Some call it the "Game changer."  If you want to compete in this competitive market, you need the Python. 

 Python Series


Key Features:

    • Continuous Feed hemp and cannabis trimmer
    • Gentle Bladeless Chamber Tumbling
    • Various Size Mesh Netting to Dial in Perfect trimming
    • Clear Side Panels for Viewing Process
    • Manual Speed Controls for all motors for your control

The PYTHON is the fastest and highest volume hemp and cannabis dry trimmer available!  The Python’s unique patented bladeless technology allows it to trim between 400 and 1,200 pounds per hour (depending on model) while producing a well-trimmed flower and clean trim.


The PYTHON’S trimming mechanism unlike other trimmers brands that utilize blades allows the flowers/buds to quickly and yet gently trim each other, producing a more natural hand trimmed looking flower.

The Python is heavy-duty agricultural machine with all high quality food grade parts, including stainless steel construction and food grade nets.


The Python is a low risk piece of equipment with clear plastic panels that protect the user from the tumbling while allowing viewing of the tumbling process. The hopper has a plastic auger deep in the hopper container that is difficult to reach, so filling the hopper from bins or super sacs is safe.  Caution should be used, nevertheless, when putting material in the hopper.   


Building on the popularity of the Python released in 2019, Tom of Tom’s Tumblers has added two more Python models to his line up ofcontinuous feed, bladeless tumble trimmers.  The models include:

PYTHON 400 -for large scale THC growers that process hundreds of pounds per day but need a gentle, close trim.

PYTHON 600 - Our first Python model, this is perfect for large cannabis or hemp growers that want the 600 lb per hour capacity. 

PYTHON 1200 - for very large hemp growers that process thousands of pounds of product per day for beautiful smokeable flower.


Regardless of model, the Python is fast, effective and gentle.  It is the largest capacity of trimmer available. 

Because every strain has unique properties associated with it, the Python is completely fine tunable.  At your fingertips are various adjustments and configurations to give your unique strain the most gentle trim.    

With a fast return on investment, you’ll have more margin in your product.





The PYTHON frame and feed hopper are  made of 100% stainless steel. All other parts are food grade. Each unit comes with various size food grade plastic and stainless steel meshes for versatility.


Model 400
Main Trimmer Unit ...........................................................9' 10" L x 4' W x 6' 1" H
Detachable Hopper with Auger and Connector ....... 9' 3" L x 4' 2" W x 7' 6" H

Model 600
Main Trimmer Unit ...........................................................10' 10" L x 4' W x 6' 6" H
Detachable Hopper with Auger and Connector ....... 11' 3" L x 5' W x 8' 2" H

Model 1200
Main Trimmer Unit …...…......………........................…… 12' L x 4' W x 6' 6" H
Detachable hopper with Auger and Connector …..... 11' 3" L x 5' W x 8' 2" H


We recommend allowing 5 feet on the loading end of the trimmer / hopper on all sides to allow room for loading untrimmed flowers and filling totes or bags with trim and trimmed buds.  The PYTHON should be fed continuously so it is important to have hundreds of pounds of material ready to load.

Allow 4-5 feet at the end of the PYTHON for catch bags to catch trim and buds, and have bags / bins ready to replace.  Remember the PYTHON processes very quickly.


Various Horse Power motors drive the two augers and trommel.   Motors use standard 110 AC with 15 amp breakers.  Two outlets are needed to power the PYTHON.  When plugging in the motors only one per outlet is recommended.



  • High Volume Trimming:  Between 400 and 1200 pounds per hour, depending on Python
  • High Volume, Gravity Feed Screw Auger Hopper.
  • Feed Hopper drops flowers into gravity feed chute of the mainframe.
  • Trommel rotation speed can be adjusted with motor speed control, but 30-35 RPM is recommended.
  • Food Grade Screw Auger catches trim underneath trommel and carries it to the end where catch bags or bins collect.
  • Trimmed flower exits the trommel out the end side shoot and into a catch container or catch bag.
  • Removable see through panels allow also act as a safety barrier when machine is in operation.
  • Extremely Quiet
  • User Friendly Turnkey Setup and Operation.



Heavy tires and castor wheels for easy transport

Optional Add on Features

  • High Capacity Clean Dust/Kief Collector
  • Kief Extraction Nets


  • Hose or power wash trimmer (all motors are wash down and speed controls and protected)
  • Interchangeable Meshes are Removable and Washable


Full 3 Year Warranty on the PYTHON with Fast Response for Replacement Parts or Service.

PREPARING THE BUDS/FLOWERS.  Make sure flowers/buds to be trimmed are bucked down (free of large water leaves, branches) and sugar leaves are dry and brittle (sugar leaves should not be not flexible at all).  Dryness inside the buds should be about 10 percent
moisture ideally but again sugar leaves need to be brittle for the Python to allow bud/flowers to trim each other as they tumble and move through each section of the cylinder (trommel).  Make sure you trim in an environment where humidity is low and will not rehydrate the sugar leaves on the flowers buds.  Rehydrating sugar leaves will make them flexible again and then they will not trim properly or at all, and may jam the feed auger tube.

FEEDING THE PYTHON.  All motors should be on and running their corresponding components (augers and trommel). You are now ready to feed the PYTHON.  To test a quality run, and to make fine adjustments, make sure you feed a few hundred pounds into the feed hopper and through the mainframe. This can be accomplished by continuallyfeeding the hopper as to keep it relatively full. The first section of the trommel should always be at least half full to ensure proper trimming.


A  All components (screw augers and trommel) have adjustable speed controls for fine tuning. The trommel should always be rotating between 30 and 35 RPM.  The screw auger feed should be adjusted so product flow in first section is always around half full. The conveyor and top screw auger (anti-bridge auger) in hopper should be on full speed.

B  Various size and type of material for meshes allows for more and less aggressive trimming, as well as different size flowers to be trimmed. You can mix and match the various meshes on the trommel to customize your Python for the best trimming results on the market.



The PYTHON should be fed dried flower into the feed hopper on a continuous basis. The speed at which the flowers flow into the PYTHON is adjustable, but a continuous flow of flower is needed for the Python to work best. One should adjust speed control on feed auger so the first section is always at least half full.  The concept being, the buds trim each other better when there is more weight in each section. The weight and tumbling of the buds rubbing against each other is the mechanism through which the tumbler works.

The PYTHON processing speed has various adjustments. The controls for these are in the metal motor box on the side of the PYTHON.  All motors have adjustable speed controls, thus allowing for fine adjustment of the flow of flowers into machine as well as how fast flowers trim each other. Press green to turn the motor on and red to stop it.  Turn the black button to adjust the speed.

The PYTHON also has an adjustment to change the angle of the trommel allowing gravity to slow down or speed up the trimming process. Gravity is used to move the buds through the chambers from the beginning to the end of the PYTHON as the PYTHON is angled optimally to support this movement.

Please contact Tom with any questions at any time about your PYTHON at 800-601-0797 or directly at 818-590-1303.






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