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April 09, 2019

We can all agree that trimming buds without damaging them can be time-consuming and costly. Thankfully Tom’s Tumblers are here to help ease that burden and provide you hand trimmed quality without the costly labor. To trim fast and efficiently, it’s critical to have your buds trim leaves dry and brittle. The buds themselves should be at about 5 to 15 % moisture. If you want to maintain more moisture in your buds and still have the trim leaves dry and brittle, you can cut your drying time down a bit and lower the humidity the day before you trim. Having your trim leaves brittle on outside ensures that the trim comes off quickly while the buds are tumbling. This minimizes the loss of trichomes, terpenes, and crystals. The buds will naturally rehydrate themselves as soon as you package them so no need to worry about drying them than you usually do.  


Here are the steps:

• After you take down your plants, remove the buds from the stems and remove the water leaves. Dry your plants for as many days needed, depending on your humidity level.  

• Based on your model size, place the correct amount of buds into your Tumbler. Make sure you fill machine to 3 to 4 inches below the axel. Too much product will inhibit the buds ability to trim each other, and too little product will provide insufficient weight. Please use the instructions that came with your Tumbler.

• Tumble only 1 minute and then check your buds. They may be done! If they are not trimmed enough, trim for another 1-4 minutes. Just watch the flow of trim coming out the funnel flow, when the trim starts turning to kief, your buds should be 85% done. You may have 10-15% touch up, but it depends on your strain, weight, and density of flowers and level of dryness. Whatever you do, don’t go away and come back 10 minutes later, Tom’s Tumblrs are fast even though they have no blades. Look for more tips on trimming with our Liquid CO2 adapter kit soon.

Call me with any questions: 818-590-1303

Happy Tumbling!


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