May 02, 2019

Understanding the composition of the cannabis flower is crucial to being able to utilize it efficiently. With that being said, let's dive into what Kief is and how you can easily extract it with Tom’s Tumblers.

Kief refers to the powdery resin collected from the trichomes of the cannabis plant. Trichomes are the crystal-like hairs covering the buds containing most of the plant's medicinal and psychoactive compounds. Kief is made by removing these trichomes from the flower, resulting in a fine crystalline powder that truly packs a punch.

Kief has the highest concentration of THC and is a highly valued product in the cannabis market.  Kief can be sold on its own in the form or rosin or hashish or can also be consumed on its own as powdered crystals. With our interchangeable 151-micron mesh, any of our Tom’s Tumbler's can be transformed into a Kief extractor.

As the trim tumbles inside our machine with optional dry ice pellets, the trim stays inside the barrel and the trichomes/crystals fall through the 151-micron opening through the funnel flow and into your container of choice. This process successfully isolates your valuable kief from the trim (using our liquid CO2 adapter or dry ice pellets will accelerate the process). In fact, you can also use Tom’s Tumblers CO2 adapter to flash freeze the trim to accelerate the trimming process using our 1/2 inch mesh. Check out our video below to see exactly how the process works and what your end results look like. Add to edibles, make butter, brownies, make rosin, etc. by extracting kief with Tom's Tumble Trimmers. Whether you’re a consumer or grower, extracting and isolating potent kief can be a huge benefit.


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