April 17, 2019

Kief extraction is easy with Tom’s Tumbler CO2 Adaptor Kit. With our CO2 Adaptor kit and perforated axle, you can easily flow liquid CO2 into your barrel while tumbling. In just a few seconds your trim will be frozen and the kief will flow through the 151-micron kief screen easily as it tumbles. In 15 minutes of tumbling your frozen trim, you will have a beautiful pile of kief in your catch container ready for use or packaging.

If you are looking to trim with a Tom’s Tumbler and your buds are a little damp, you can also use our CO2 Adaptor Kit to infuse CO2 to flash freeze your flowers for better trimming in our Tom’s Tumbler. 

Tumbling is much gentler on your buds than bladed trimming and helps retains your bud’s trichomes and terpenes. Bladed trimmers destroy the structure of your nugs leaving you with popcorn sized final trimmed nugs. Our CO2 Adaptor Kit is the perfect accessory to your Tom’s Tumbler!

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