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April 19, 2018

When I was younger grower, I had to plan on a day of hand trimming to get 2 pounds trimmed, and it cost me $225 or more. With current prices where they are, this isn’t a great option. Which is why I use my tumbler to get the work done in 5 minutes and not a day. With this speed of trimming, even the few days of drying leave me ahead of the game compared to wet trimming.

Here is how I do it. After hang drying for 3-4 days, I spend less than an hour removing the stems and large leaves to prepare it for tumbling. Once read, I open the zipper on the TTT 1900 tumbler and dump the product in. I zip up the netting, put the dust cover on top, put a clean bin below the tumbler, and turn the trimmer on. There is a manual speed control, but I use the top speed at 35 RPMS, which is optimal.   I watch the process through the clear plastic cover and funnel flow bag. The small leaves fly off, dropping into the bin below very quickly. I stop it at 3 minutes or so to see what the buds look like. This doesn’t impact the process at all and gives me full control of the process. 

In less than 5 minutes and before the tumbling impacts the trichomes and crystals, the trimming is complete. I put a clean bucket below, unzip the net, and turn the tumbler on at low speed to release the trimmed buds. Then I put the small hold net on the tumbler, put a clean bucket below, put my trim into the netting, zip it and turn it on. In one or two minutes, any small buds that got through the trimming net have fallen through into the new bin. 

I now have clean trim, trimmed buds and popcorn size buds all ready to go, in less than 5 minutes. If I do an hour of this, I can trim 10-12 pounds in an hour. In a day, this lets me trim 80 pounds if I want to. Then I wipe the machine down and put the nets in the washing machine. Done.

Check out this video to see the process.


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