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Why Hand Trim When You Can Tumble Trim?

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"I just popped in to see how the harvest was going for my client. For starters, they couldn't be happier with the machine (TTT 2600) and are in disbelief over the results. Second, I am also astonished at how well this machine worked, completely impressed with the finished product they presented... The buds are Impressive, the trim quality is through the roof and they were able to process 72lbs of finished (packaged) material in two days.  As far as I am concerned, this is the best trimming solution on the market.

Colorado Consultant

Hey Tom, I was extremely reluctant to try out the TTT 1900 because I've always hand trimmed everything and because I'm old school. But today I bought one. What used to take me 160 man hours was cut down to one simple hour. I seriously cannot tell the difference between a hand cut and this.  Major props! You just saved me thousands of dollars in man power.

Farm Owner, Oregon

I was very skeptical at first of the trimming machine seemed too good to be true. then I figured since it's not that much money i might as well try it out so I did I was amazed by how fast it trimmed the product what used to take us over a day now only takes about an hour. Thanks Tom. Keep up the good work.

Eric, California Grower

Hey Tom, as I am buttoning up an excellent harvest I just wanted to let you know that I feel your trimmer worked BETTER than expected and that last year took us several hundred combined hours, only took a third the time (if that !!!) now with your awesome trimmer!

Rick, MI Grower

We rent Tom’s Tumble Trimmers and they never come back.  Once customers use it, they want to keep it.  I had one customer want a TrimPro and I talked him into buying a Tom’s Tumble Trimmer too.  He came back happy that he bought the Tumble Trimmer.

Manager at Hydro Shop in Nor Cal

Having worked with several other machines that end up delivering "chewed up" material, deciding on Tom's was an incredibly valuable decision for our operation.  The buds are impressive, the trim quality is through the roof and the results still scream "Hand Manicured." 

Mike Grady, Owner/Consultant of Re:solution

"Your tumblers Rock"

"Its the best of the best!"

"I've sold a decent amount of Tom's in our Detrioit Hydro shop. Great product!"

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Dry Bud Trimmer Machine & Pollinator Tumbler

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